FNFS - The Freenet Filesystem
Directory Table Format
All numbers stored in big-endian format
All strings encoded in UTF-8
# of Bytes Type Description
1 Unsigned Byte Directory table version (currently 1)
For each directory entry in table (
1 Unsigned Byte Directory entry type (1=directory, 2=file)
x String File name of entry followed by 0
x String Full Freenet key of file data followed by 0
If type is file (
8 Unsigned Integer File size
2 Unsigned Short File attributes bitmask (1=read only, 2=archive)
7 Date Created date
7 Date Modified date
7 Date Accessed date
Date Format
# of Bytes Type Description
2 Signed Short Year
1 Unsigned Byte Month
1 Unsigned Byte Day
1 Unsigned Byte Hour
1 Unsigned Byte Minute
1 Unsigned Byte Second