FNFS - The Freenet Filesystem
FNFS allows users to mount a file system from Freenet. The root directory table is inserted as a USK, child directories are inserted as regular CHKs, and any key pointing to data inserted in Freenet can be a file on the filesystem.

Good Points
  • Maximum file size of 16EiB
  • Total storage space limited only by total storage space of all nodes
  • Ability to go back to any previously inserted edition of a file (as long as the data is still retrievable)
  • Files can point to data at any valid freenet key (use files previously inserted, or inserted by someone else)
  • Share your file system with anyone on Freenet as read only, read/write, or keep it private

Bad Points
  • It is slow
  • Files may become unretrievable
  • Needs a local cache