FNFS - The Freenet Filesystem
Implementation Details - Read before downloading!
This implementation of FNFS is currently alpha quality and runs on Windows and Linux. The filesystem is read only for now.

To run FNFS on Windows, you must have the Dokan file system driver installed. It is available on the internet here : Dokan. To run FNFS on Linux, you must have FUSE installed. If you want to compile from source, you will also need the Poco C++ libraries from here : Poco.

There are command line options available to change the configuration or add file systems. Run fnfs without any arguments to see what options are available. You may add this public key to your file systems table, 'SSK@7RLMicyq16slBI03rw7FZmNAmoT-LG5SxfP59HqcWXs,Cc4PEU~-h0KvUq7DC~lg8QmgNJpKmy0UyGXx96MChgM,AQACAAE/', with a site name of fnfs. This simple file system has the activelink from the fnfs site, and a directory with the fnfs source and binaries.

Be aware that there are probably lots of bugs in the implementation right now, documentation is non-existent, and you are on your own if you try this out. When you want to unmount the drive in Windows, you MUST use dokanctl.exe.

Source : fnfs-src-0.0.5.zip

Windows 32 Bit Binary : fnfs-win32bin-0.0.5.zip

Windows 64 Bit Binary : fnfs-win64bin-0.0.5.zip

Linux 32 Bit Binary : fnfs-linux-x86-bin-0.0.5.tar.gz

Linux 64 Bit Binary : fnfs-linux-amd64-bin-0.0.5.tar.gz

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